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What is Google Forecourt?

Did you know, thousands of people are visiting you every single month.

Do you regularly check this?

Do you know where these hidden people are coming from and what are you doing about it?

If you look at the analytics on your Google business page you will see them, passing by, like the traffic driving past your site.

This is because they have no reason to come and visit you, just like if you were to hide all your forecourt cars around the back of the building.

The difference here though, is that these people were actively searching for a vehicle dealership (Used car dealer, Van Dealer, New car dealer etc) or some similar search result to get here.

You are trying to attract an audience who is already half interested.

And yet so far, you havent tried to tempt them with anything.

This is where Google Forecourt comes in.



Your dealerships products & services will stand out

Main Car Dealers always strive to be on busy Roads with lots of passing traffic in City Centres as let`s face it they can afford the big glass showrooms and they get the passing traffic that a dealer tucked away on a remote industrial estate might not.

It does not have to be this way, if you imagine your Google Business Page to be your Vehicle Dealership but an online version, and the people visiting your Google Business Page as your passing traffic then it is easy to see why it is important to present your dealership in the best possible way by showcasing the types of stock & services you offer.
Just like the front row of a main dealer sales forecourt.

Our Google Forecourt will present your customers with a tempting invitation and reason for them to visit your website instead of just scrolling past.

We will make your dealership appear much more appealing on the Google Business page & Google Maps by making sure you have the absolute maximum exposure.

We will design and create a Google Forecourt that will showcase your latest offers and present them in your branding and colours to show to customers searching online.

We deliberately design them in eye catching colours to make them visually appealing to make the customer 80% more likely to click and see what they are.

Your Google Forecourt is managed by us, so any updates we will do without needing time from you.

We have a clever piece of software that tracks and monitors any changes you make to your cars on your website, hourly, telling us so that we can make the same changes and letting you get on with the job of selling them.

We will also create offers that are linked to your finance pages, warranty pages and we will buy your car pages so customers can see you offer the complete range of services.

This will drive customers to your website and ensure that more people are on it looking to buy vehicles.

Google SEO

As part of the Google Forecourt package there is something else that we do to ensure your vehicles and website gets maximum exposure in Google.

We will look at your current content and re-write your descriptions and content to include the best keywords and sentences to comply with the new Google Algorythms and Google Helpful content standards.

We also create an SEO script with locational information for each individual vehicle to help the vehicle be found in its own right on Google.

This means that when Google Indexes the page, the information Google is looking for to include certain keywords etc helps the page in the search results.

We at Motor Marketing Solutions believe that value for money is key in this industry and that is why we have set our prices at very favourable rates.

Our Google Forecourt starts at 
£79.99 per month

We do charge a Design and implementation setup fee of £150.00 but this is a one off fee to cover the costs of design, completion of the Google business page and to ensure that your Google business page is in good health.

Once more, we do not believe in long contracts, this is why our contract is set at 3 months then 30 days notice for cancellations.

We believe that we offer excellent value for money for the services we provide so we are confident that you like many others will use our services for many years to come.

Please fill in the form below and we can set you up with a demonstration of our services.


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Thousands of potential customers use Google to search for local dealerships.
Look at your Google business page stats if you do not believe us.

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